Redirect WPML Users After Login Based on Site Language

Do you have a multilingual site and use the WPML plugin? When you have a site that has two or more languages, you might want to keep it consistent by redirecting users based on the language they prefer when they log in and log out of your site.

This article will show you how to redirect users after they login based on their site language on your WordPress website.

Enabling the WPML Integration

Go to LoginWP>>Redirections>>Integrations, scroll down to WPML, and enable it.

Creating a Redirection Rule

Go to LoginWP>>Redirections>>and click on “Add New”.

Under Rule Condition, select the language under the “Website Current Language” section.

Enter the login and logout URL to redirect students/users using the selected language.

Click on Save Rule, and that’s it 😁

If you want to use any placeholders or merge tags in the login/logout field, please visit Login Redirect Placeholders & Use Cases.

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